T SERVIS profile

T SERVIS was established in 1993 and is actively involved in the area of lighting, sound, video and stage construction, providing professional, qualitative and high standard technical services for cultural, social and any kind of other events.

We currently participate in the creation and realization of TV tapings and shootings, commercial productions, films, concerts, open-air festivals, company events, fashion shows and many other events. Due to continuous investments, T SERVIS is able to offer our clients the latest high standard and professional equipment, which is currently available on the international market, covering lights, sound, video and stage equipment, including various types of roofs.

T SERVIS best describes fact that we arrange over 1500 events each year in this area.

We provide complete technical services for your event, saving you trouble with individual suppliers.
Because of the fact that our company owns all the equipment, T SERVIS is able to offer you highly competitive prices. For us, no event is too small or too big.

High-end equipment from renowned international companies, years of expertise, qualified teams of experts and professionals, places T SERVIS not only on top in ČR, but also among the leading European companies in this field.

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