L-Acoustics LA-RAK

Touring rack with 3 LA8 amplifiers

The LA-RAK is the central element of the new L-ACOUSTICS system architecture built upon the LA8 amplified controller. It offers an advanced drive rack solution for all L-ACOUSTICS systems covering signal and power distribution in a comprehensive plug and play touring package. LA-RAK was created as a universal platform designed to facilitate cross-rental and to ensure compatibility with the legacy analog cabling standard of L-ACOUSTICS systems.
The LA-RAK working principle is entirely modular and the user can physically assemble and interconnect multiple modules to fit numerous applications. The LA-RAK configuration based on a multiple of 3 LA8 yields the maximum flexibility and power resources for any L-ACOUSTICS system from compact coaxial systems up to KUDO and K1 stadium line source array systems.

We have expanded our stock of LA-RAKs to 19.

  • One 9U rack with LEXAN front and rear covers
  • Three LA8 amplified controllers
  • An I/O distribution panel for analog signal, L-NET (control and monitoring) and L-DGA (digital audio) networks distribution within the rack and link out with other racks
  • Available 2U space for implementing L-NET and L-DGA network switches when operating with a star network topology
  • An I/O panel for power distribution of 3 LA8, 2 ethernet switches and one auxiliary AC outlet

Dimensions W x H x H (with dolly board) x D: 609 x 513 x 663 x 580 mm
Weight: 95 kg (fully equipped + dolly board)